Formal Agreements

Below you will find a list of all formal harmonization agreements that have been completed by the Consumer Measures Committee.

If the following documents are not accessible to you, please contact us to obtain other appropriate formats.

Collection Agencies

Harmonized List of Prohibited Collection Practices
a set of practices that collection agencies may not engage in.

Cooperative Enforcement

Cooperative Enforcement Agreement on Consumer Related Measures
facilitates information exchanges among consumer protection agencies when they are carrying out investigations.

Cost of Credit Disclosure

Agreement for Harmonization of Cost of Credit Disclosure Laws in Canada
a set of rules to govern the way credit providers advertise and disclose in contracts the cost of a credit product.

Direct Sellers

Direct Sellers Harmonization
providing consumers with a uniform ten-day cooling-off period when they buy from door to door salespersons, and ensuring clear disclosure of the contract.

Internet Sales Contracts

Internet Sales Contract Harmonization Template
A template that includes measures to protect consumers in making online purchases.

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