Working groups on consumer issues

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

The Consumer Measures Committee (CMC) brings together experts in consumer issues from the public and private sectors. They team up to address specific issues, set goals and then work toward achieving them. Below you will find a list of current CMC research and working groups.

Consumer awareness

The Consumer Awareness Committee (CAC) investigates, develops and promotes communications products and awareness materials for Canadian consumers. To support the CMC, they provide outreach and awareness of consumer protection issues identified as priorities. They also provide communications support for other CMC working groups.


Electronic commerce

The Working Group on Electronic Commerce analyzes existing and emerging digital policy challenges. They are presently reviewing the Internet Sales Contract Harmonization Template to improve e-commerce outcomes for Canadian consumers and businesses.

Past working group initiatives

In addition to the current list of research and working groups, the CMC has previously worked in the following areas of consumer policy:

  • Alternative Consumer Credit
  • Collection Agencies
  • Consumer Protection in E-Commerce
  • Consumer Redress
  • Cooperative Enforcement
  • Cost of Credit Disclosure
  • Credit Card Charge-Backs
  • Credit Reporting Harmonization
  • Direct Sellers
  • Identity Theft
  • Jurisdiction
  • Travel Services

Visit the Government of Canada Web Archive to view archived information on past CMC working groups.

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