Credit Reporting Harmonization – Working Group

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In the course of its discussions, the CMC ID Theft Working Group determined that certain issues relating to consumer (credit) reporting fell outside its mandate. A Working Group on Credit Reporting has been created to investigate these issues, with particular focus on the harmonization of credit reporting rules. All provinces except New Brunswick currently have legislation or regulations in place to address consumer reporting, which includes credit reporting. While a core group of common provisions exist, there is substantial variation in the content of these provisions. Harmonization of legislation would allow both consumer reporting agencies and consumers to operate according to one set of rules, and it would provide a model for those jurisdictions that do not have provisions in place to address specific concerns. In addition to enhancing consumer protection, harmonized legislation may also reduce regulatory burdens placed on national reporting agencies.

The consultation below was approved by federal, provincial and territorial Deputy Ministers Responsible for Consumer Affairs in January 2007, for launch in the spring.


Harmonization of Legislative Measures for Credit Reporting In Canada: Stakeholder Consultation

The objective of this consultation is to share information and solicit feedback from key stakeholders on proposals to harmonize consumer reporting legislation across Canada. In general, a "consumer report" is a written, oral or other form of communication regarding the credit or personal information of a consumer.

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The consultation is now closed. The Consumer Measures Committee received responses from a number of stakeholders. Currently, the working group is in the process of reviewing the responses, the various provisions and determining if and where further work is needed to reach a consensus. Once this process is completed, the decisions of the working group will be forwarded to the full CMC for endorsement. Stakeholders will be advised of the outcomes when they become available.

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